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PGX - Peoples Global Exchange
112 Anonas Extn., Sikatuna Village
Quezon City 1101, Philippines

Peoples Exchange Program (DEPE)
... provides peoples' learning exchange opportunities geared towards:
* a better understanding of the host and visitors' contexts;
* exploring and establishing friendly and solidarity relations; and,
* evolving ways and means to nurture and substantiate relations.

Peoples' Exchange Modules Offered:
* Alternative Tourism for vacationers who wish to combine tourism and familiarization with historical and contemporary issues on the Philippines and its people (read our article on Alternative Tourism >>)
* Solidarity Building for foreigners who aim to gain deeper insights on
socio-political, cultural, and economic life in the community, regional and national arenas towards eventually engaging into concrete solidarity actions and programs for grassroots organizations and formations.
* Focused Tours for special needs like academic and grassroots research, study tour, fact-finding missions; and revolve around specific topics and sectors of interest; socio-economic work, environment, women, peasants, workers, militarization, human rights, etc.

Regular exchange programs:
- Read the experiences of some Dutch Exchanges (in Dutch) through International Youth Exchange (IJU) on their website
- Japanese Peace Boat
- Belgium

For more information on the possibilities please contact us.